Selling Jewellery: For Your (Personal) Information

In a time when Internet privacy and personal information are faced with increasing risk from leakages and other intrusions, it's understandable when customers ask us why we always take down their personal information before we buy their jewellery. While we do this in order to get a clear picture of who we do business with, it's also required by the law! The [...]

Gold Storage… Fit for a Bond Villain

With the global demand for gold growing as a hedge against a volatile economy, high-volume investors around the world have been looking outside of banks for larger, more secure ways to store their precious metals. Since as early as 2008, security companies based in Switzerland have provided their investor clients with high-tech vaults that seem to have come [...]

Gold Bullion in Demand After Brexit

Here at Toronto Gold, we know that gold bullion is always in high demand, but some big global news has put it in even higher demand.   Since the Brexit, China’s demand for gold bullion has skyrocketed. It’s well known that China is the world’s biggest gold buyer, and their demand for gold has increased [...]

Gold Found in Cow Urine

Over the years, people have unexpectedly found gold in all kinds of crazy places. In the past we’ve written about people who have found gold in the walls of their newly purchased home and buried on their property without their knowledge, but those pale in comparison to where a group of scientists recently found gold. [...]

McDonald’s Fries Made of Gold

For the past several years, Japan has been the world leader in fast food phenomena, starting with the charcoal bun. McDonald’s Japan is now giving away fries made from real gold. Customers are being asked to take photos of items that resemble fries. Then, they’ll be asked to use a special camera filter in order [...]

A Cash and Gold Bullion Landmine

What would you do if you found millions of dollars worth of cash and gold bullion inside the walls of your newly purchased home? For one, you’d probably be able to pay off your home inspection rather easily. As crazy as it sounds, a man from New South Wales, Australia encountered that “issue” a couple [...]

Basketball’s Gold Standard

Gold is in right now. Just ask any basketball fan. The Golden State Warriors are off to a 44-4 start and are on pace to finish with the best regular season record in NBA history, which is held by the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls who finished 72-10. The Oakland-based team, known as “Golden State” refers to [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Bury Your Gold Bullion

THIS is why you should sell your gold to a local gold buyer, not bury it in your  friend’s garden. A German doctor is in a legal battle with the relatives of his friend, who is now deceased. The doctor claims he buried nearly two million euros worth of cash and gold bullion in his friend’s [...]

China’s Giant Gold Statue

Well, that didn’t last long. When several entrepreneurs decided to build a 36-metre gold painted statue of Mao Zedong in the Henan province of China, it was met with mixed reviews—much like Zedong’s reign. The photos of the statue, which cost an estimated $650,000 USD to build, started to make the rounds on social media [...]

Did a Canadian Lottery Winner Gold-Plate…Himself?

Here at Toronto Gold, we love everything that has to do with gold, silver, and platinum, so you can only imagine how our interest was piqued when we heard about the Canadian lottery winner who apparently died after gold-plating his testicles. As far as we’re concerned, that checks all the boxes for an interesting news [...]

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