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THIS is why you should sell your gold to a local gold buyer, not bury it in your  friend’s garden. A German doctor is in a legal battle with the relatives of his friend, who is now deceased. The doctor claims he buried nearly two million euros worth of cash and gold bullion in his friend’s garden, but his friend’s family is automatically set to claim the gold if the doctor is unable to prove that it’s his. The local German media is reporting that the doctor made a deal with his friend to bury the gold on his property in order to hide it from an ex-partner.

As soon as the doctor heard that his friend had passed, he hired an excavator to dig up the stashed gold bullion. The excavator dug up plastic boxes filled with cash…around 1.5 million euros worth, and 200,000 euros worth of gold bullion bars. Normally, anything found of the property of the deceased would go to the family, which is what the relatives are claiming.

Now the doctor is in a legal battle to prove that the gold and cash belong to him. The family of the deceased man claim that they had no knowledge of the deal or the hidden treasure on the property. The money is currently being held by a security firm in the southeast German city of Regensburg, 30 miles northwest of where the gold bullion in question was found.

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Source: Daily Mail