Over the years, people have unexpectedly found gold in all kinds of crazy places. In the past we’ve written about people who have found gold in the walls of their newly purchased home and buried on their property without their knowledge, but those pale in comparison to where a group of scientists recently found gold.

According to a group of research scientists in India, they found gold in every urine sample taken from a particular group of cows. The group from Junagadh Agricultural University took 500 urine samples from calves, pregnant cows, and males and found traces of gold in all of them. The testing lab showed that tested samples each ad 10 to 30 milligrams of the precious metal per litre of urine.

In addition, half of the samples showed medicinal values that can be used to treat several diseases and ailments. A Gir cow expert (the type of cow in which the urine was found) noted that the urine could help to improve the life expectancy of human beings.

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Source: Mirror UK