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In a time when Internet privacy and personal information are faced with increasing risk from leakages and other intrusions, it’s understandable when customers ask us why we always take down their personal information before we buy their jewellery. While we do this in order to get a clear picture of who we do business with, it’s also required by the law!

The registration of personal information is actually mandated through a municipal by-law enacted by the City of Toronto, which requires all businesses dealing in second-hand goods, jewellery and precious metals to maintain clear records of all goods involved in a transaction. This includes a short description of the items, their dollar amount, as well as the date and time in which the transaction took place. It also requires all businesses to create a registry of their customers, which must include their clients’ names, contact information and details of their identification (ie. driver’s license number). This is done to deter anyone who may be selling potentially stolen items. It also ensures that we are dealing only with customers who are above the age of majority.

After each transaction, our customers’ information is stored in a secure password-protected system, where it is neither sold or shared to any third party. The only time we are obligated to share your information is when we are aiding an official investigation, which can only be done once we receive a formal request from either a member of law enforcement or a municipal authority. Otherwise, all your information remains untouched!

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

At Toronto Gold, we value our customers’ privacy and we are careful to maintain their confidentiality at all times. We are committed to create an environment in which you would feel comfortable to return to, and we work hard to ensure that every part of our business is fair and transparent. If you have any questions on how we collect our clients’ information, give us a call or feel free to talk to one of our associates in-store. We will be happy to explain our process further!

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