Canada Gold Lottery Winner

Here at Toronto Gold, we love everything that has to do with gold, silver, and platinum, so you can only imagine how our interest was piqued when we heard about the Canadian lottery winner who apparently died after gold-plating his testicles. As far as we’re concerned, that checks all the boxes for an interesting news story.

In late November 2015, reports started to surface that 27 year-old Justin Reiter of Alberta, Canada died after attempting to gold-plate his own genitals with an automotive-grade gold-plater after winning a $598,556 jackpot. The autopsy from Alberta Community Hospital reported the cause of death as lead-based paint poisoning. Others were warned to not attempt this dangerous new trend. The story was posted on several reputable news sites and made the rounds on Twitter and Facebook.

The story seems almost too bizarre to be true, doesn’t it? It turns out everything about it is made up. 27 year-old Justin Reiter of Alberta did not win the lottery. He, of course, didn’t die trying to gold-plate his manhood. The autopsy report from Alberta Community Hospital is a fake. Alberta Community Hospital doesn’t even exist! The picture that was circulating with the news story (seen above) isn’t even one of Justin Reiter (there may not even be a Justin Reiter from Alberta; I’m too busy to check Facebook). The picture is actually of a Polish rapper named Popek.

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(Source: Toronto Sun)