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Here at Toronto Gold, we know that gold bullion is always in high demand, but some big global news has put it in even higher demand.


Since the Brexit, China’s demand for gold bullion has skyrocketed. It’s well known that China is the world’s biggest gold buyer, and their demand for gold has increased since Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. Britian’s Brexit sent a shockwave throughout global markets and drove up the demand for safe haven assets like gold bullion.


According to the World Gold Council, there was a 21% increase in demand in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the first quarter of last year. Investment companies and individuals alike have increased their buying rate in China, showing that gold bullion is here to stay.


China, the world’s largest physical gold buyer, has expanded its reserves by 70% to 1,800 tons, giving them the world’s fifth largest gold bullion stockpile.


Bullion at Toronto Gold


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